“Sleeprydr,” the A-side on the second single from somnambulant Estonian band Holy Motors, oozes supple, sultry psychedelia. In an appropriately alluring video, the track’s hallucinatory six-minute stroll along the border of dream and danger becomes all-encompassing, portraying a devil-may-care protagonist “disobeying the rules of traffic like a rebel in an attempt to make a Thelma and Louise escape from normality that goes to undertake her and cost[s] her her life." The video, directed by Sameli Muurimäki and featuring a film team more robust than most, is lush — drenched in production value and nicotine — but simple. Though the story flashes by without context, the lead character’s world-weariness is real, as is her desire to transcend. And like all who seek to escape the regularity and rigidity of daily life, the protagonist reaches her goal, albeit unwittingly collapsing into the oldest — and perhaps greatest — mystery known to humankind: experiencing the ultimate trip as she shrugs off her mortal coil. Pre-order the single here.