Luke Younger’s music as Helm is all about disorientation: piercing drones, blasts, screaming static and — to sweeten the delirious deal — even some free jazz flourishes here and there. It’s only natural, then, that the experimental auteur would look to the clusterfuck we call “current events” for World in Action, the follow-up to January’s Rawabet cassette and his first release for treasured oddball institution Trilogy Tapes. (Helm will be handling the album’s digital drop, via his own Alter imprint). A press release describes the 12” as a collection of four pieces inspired by Brexit, composed “at the height of the U.K. media’s attempt at divining integrity from the orchestrated turbulence of Brexit.” The album aims to “juggle the documentation of this particular moment with the desire to discern motivation from despair.” Give the sax-laden title track a spin below.

World in Action arrives via Trilogy Tapes / Alter on April 28. Pre-order it here.