For a lot of listeners, the notion of "ambient" music usually dredges up thoughts of overtly chill tunes with little substance. In reality, the genre offers a great breadth of what can be achieved in music with atmosphere and mood, as you can hear in Gridfailure and Megalophobe's new song, "A Corpse at Every Funeral," off their upcoming record, Dendritic. From the jump, the song is an ever-growing chasm of darkness and fear, instruments making themselves alien to the listener with the help of subtle backing effects. These sinister sounds swirl, generating a distant sound that is both enticing and terrifying. The combination makes it an unmistakably eerie and textural journey that you'll want to dive into. Not to mention, the esteemed Mac Gollehon contributes trumpet throughout the entire track; this is a guy who's played on over 200 gold and platinum-certified albums, with artists from Miles Davis and Blondie to the Rolling Stones and Duran Duran. Massive names, massive sounds. Pre-order via either unit's Bandcamp.