On their first LP for Goner Records, Golden Pelicans have finally crossed the bridge from black and white into full color — that classic Mac Blackout cover art is absolutely insane. Disciples of Blood, the third full-length banger from the hard-rocking Orlando four-piece, shows Golden Pelicans hitting the throttle even harder, set to blast the gates off Disney World and take their balls-to-the-wall sound straight to your dome piece whether you like it or not. “Blue Medusa” is the first track on the album, and it sets a precedent for what’s to follow. The Detroit-influenced track, which feels ripped from the Fun House sessions, shows that the psychedelic speed-freaks mean business. Furthermore, as noted on Goner’s site, “It ain't psychedelic until you kill someone.” Seems legit, right?

Order yours ahead of its April 21 release date.