When a band is releasing their final album, you know they're going to do everything in their power to make it their most memorable. Goes Cube is a band out of Brooklyn that's doing exactly that. After years of writing critically acclaimed music that blurred the lines between metal and shoegaze, their third and final album will be released October 21 on Greenway Records. Today, they're premiering new track "Harbingers" off that upcoming LP, Shadows Swallowed the Flood. 

Sonically, you get a track that dips in and out of heaviness, galvanizing much of what they've been working towards since the beginning of their career. Chords get heavier and reverberate into sludgy territories, whispers becoming yells. The aggressiveness melts into what becomes a pretty and thoughtful melody before the gears shift toward a noisy end. It's a heavy and beautiful farewell to all the work they've done.

Of the song, the band said:

'Harbingers' was one of the last songs we wrote for this record, and it’s one of our favorites. This song really reflects a lot of what we wanted this record to sound like, which is a mix of everything Goes Cube has been over the last 13 years. Before our first record came out, we were doing noisier stuff interspersed with clean stuff, and then the first album was mostly focused on catchy, heavy riffs, and then the second album was mostly focused on being more aggressive and brutal. 'Harbingers' combines all of those things. And yet, we didn’t set out to write a song that featured every touchpoint. It was one of those 'the song writes itself' moments for us, where every part flowed naturally from one thing to the next. When we got done recording it, it was crazy to sit back and listen to it, because it really felt like, wow, we’re hearing the whole history of the band in a single song, from the clean melodic stuff, to the catchy heavy riffs and choruses, to the noisy atmospherics, and then straight-up metal.
You can pre-order Shadows Swallowed the Flood from iTunes.