Geometers from Brooklyn haven't been around for too long, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to put together an album of punky rippers. Today, they're premiering their debut full-length, Pay to Live. Instead of deciding to point their music in one direction, the album provides a kind of prism of different influences, everything from spacier rock à la Hum (with killer vocal harmonies) to the attitude and emotion of Rival Schools and the Walter Schreifels oeuvre. None of this ever makes Geometers sound like a nostalgia or tribute act, but instead these elements of punk are disassembled and repurposed in new ways.

"L'appel Du Vide" sets the tone for the record, featuring guitars with a lot of presence that strike in the background, while a balance of yelling and singing overlaps for effect. The title track slows things down to a droning, steady pace that eventually crosses over from delicate to fierce. "Formaldebride" sounds like a Slint joint gone off the rails into a controlled chaos of beauty, distortion and power. These tracks and more flow together to give an excellent portrait of sonic emotion and strength, a loud and deep farewell to a year of chaos.

Hear Pay to Live below, and pre-order it from Jetsam Flotsam.