Fond Han sound like what would happen if you left a bunch of your records out in the sun and let them cook for way too long, melting into a weird amalgamation that somehow manages to keep playing. The New Jersey duo's sound is constantly revolving and evolving, invoking spikes of contemporary indie rock, insane old-school screamo and post-hardcore beats. This is facilitated by a revolving cast of characters, including Steve Hartlett (Stove, Ovlov), Devin McKnight (Speedy Ortiz, Grass Is Green), Alex Molini (Jackal Onasis, Stove), Zachary Miller (Sick Shit) and Vinnie Daidone.

All these personalities and styles come into play on Fond Han's new record, Sham Cloud. Opener "Rink Brat" is a sonic kick in the teeth, like Daughters on their angriest day. From there, the intensity somewhat mellows, but the record never loses its weirdness. "Cali Cruiser" boasts extreme chill and pop sensibilities, while "Trick or Treat" sounds like a Paper Chase track that's skipping on your record player. The album is a cohesive and varied listen, an eight-track explosive that'll keep your ears pricked for what the band does next.

Listen to Sham Cloud and pre-order the record, out next Friday, right here.