It's hard to find shit that makes you happy in the dark months of winter. If you're lucky, you might happen to stumble upon Flower Girl, a very sweet young band from Brooklyn, and curb the sads a little. Today, the band is premiering their new album, Tuck in Your Tie-Dye. It's an album that seems easygoing and care-free, but you can feel the serious attention to detail on each track. The title track twists its guitar in different directions, dipping under the vocals, while songs like "2 Late 2 Be a Cowboy" weave in feelings of regret and thoughtfulness throughout. It never gets too dark, and stays playful on songs like on "I Saw a Mouse" with super loud and jovial guitars.

Of the song, the band says: "Is shining bright an occupation? When’s too late to be a cowboy? Why we can’t be nice to the little guys? What the fuck is a grapeshot? These are a few questions you might ask –– that we’ll repeat back to you like any good therapist does. Answers come few and far between the sheets with us, but if you listen, you'll find this latest batch to be at the very least an affirmation of good fashion sense, made with love by six pals for 600 other pals in honor of all that is good and pleasant."

Make a thoughtful Christmas present decision for your friends and relatives (and yourself) by pre-ordering the record from Bufu and Desinger Medium.

Dec. 2 — Medford, MA @ Tufts University
Dec. 9 — New York, NY @ Elvis Guesthouse
Dec. 10 — Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale
Jan. 4 — Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
Jan. 6 — Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale - Release Show