Sad music is probably what sticks with us the most. Whether it's the existentialism and fear of Red House Painters, the quiet isolation of Slint or loud, overbearing emo, it seems like these emotions have the most effect on listeners. Today, Portland, Ore., band Floating Room are premiering their new full-length, sunless, which more than captures these feelings. 

The record focuses on the period in between relationships, giving voice to the inherent reflection and emotion. Opening track "sad god" starts with vocalist Maya Stoner's vocals hanging in the void before a cool wave of guitars roll in. The atmospheric rock changes shape throughout the LP. "netsuki" is an ominous, whirring track that injects uneasiness, whereas "fun" shows what their music is like in a more upbeat context and "driving" is a slowly treading stunner. All roads lead to the closer, "canvas," refocusing on Stoner's vocals, her voice piercing in all directions; it's a hopeful song undercut with worried singing.

s u n l e s s is an experiential album that deserves to be heard in full. Hear it below, pre-order your copy from their Bandcamp, then watch the video for "Memory," from Floating Room's Kyle Bates' other project, drowse.