Do you remember how Eyehategod and Buzzov*en would make you feel before the rehab? Where you'd worship their music, but were terrified to talk to those utter psychos for fear of getting a bottle upside the head? This is how sludge should be: downtrodden, hateful and without a shred of decency. Fuck you and your life — point me to the guns and drugs, and maybe, if I feel like it, I’ll pick up a guitar. But probably not, because fuck your rules.

Fistula capture that bile-spilling, hateful spirit on The Shape of Doom to Cumm))), an exercise in vitriol that lasts seven tracks and contains its fair share of dark humor. The record, which received a release in vinyl form via Totem Cat earlier this year, is finally emerging to digital form and hits today. Stream “Promiscuity Ingenuity” below, but fair warning: The record sounds much better synced with pained screams and broken glass. No offense, Fistula — it’s just natural.