Firewalker have sure made a hell of a lot of noise off of a demo and a promo tape. The Boston hardcore band (think Ball of Destruction-era brutality) has a lot in common with Sheer Terror, Outburst and much of the infamous New Breed comp artists; but they're a whole different animal, employing the almost death metal-esque shredded throat of Sophie Hendry with a finished product that's as if Paul Bearer fronted early Agnostic Front or early Breakdown. It's wild, muscular and brutal stuff.

Considering the longevity of the Firewalker demo, it's rather surprising that some sharp-eared and enterprising fan hasn't jumped right in and put it on vinyl long ago. But that's probably because Pop Wig have it on lock, and will release that demo and a new self-titled EP onto a single 12". Check out the banger "Loaded Dice" for the very first time and tell me it doesn't rip. (You won't.)

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