The 1922 silent film Häxan is terrifying enough, but EORÐESLAJYR (pronounced "earth-slayer") had to go and ruin it for us for us even further. Let me be clear — when we say "ruin," what we really mean is ruin our dreams and turn our already-nightmares into waves of blitzkrieg sorties that will stop at nothing to send us into terror without a chance of ever waking up.

And guess what? They not only made a video (viewable above), but an ENTIRE ALBUM of absolute dread to go along with the classic Swedish film. So, if you're appropriately terrified for the length of "Vigil," you get to double down on the dark ambient trepidation. We're in, much to the chagrin of our own sanity and the delight of our therapists.

EORÐESLAJYR's Häxan LP is out now. Get yours via the band, and we'll see you in Hell.