It gets tougher and tougher to move the needle on black metal nowadays. Shoegaze, noise, technical complexity, prog, D-beat — all of it has permeated the foundation laid by Norwegians in the '90s to the point where it's hard to know where the genre sits today. As long as each crossover is a progression, nothing could be more positive.

Following up their totally underrated Dark Descent LP, Nothing but the Whole (seriously, look it up), Emptiness have returned with new record Not for Music, due via Season of Mist on January 20. The lead single is "Let It Fall," a six-minute mindfuck that uses heavily processed vocals alongside atonal riffs to add "queasy" next to all of those other overused metal adjectives. Much of the ride is an unexpected series of left turns, which makes the song a fascinating listen and rife for reexamination. Check it out below and order yours via the label.