The most effective kinds of songs are those that immediately transport you away from wherever you are in the present. No longer are you bound by your table; instead, you're in some other mythical place. A perfect example of this movement is Emily Jane White's new video for "Frozen Garden."

White is a singer-songwriter from Oakland, Calif., who crafts atmospheric and haunting indie rock. Her new record, They Moved in Shadow All Together (nice Cormac McCarthy reference), is one of the most expressive and bewitching efforts of the year, White's haunting vocals morphing with the music. The video for "Frozen Garden" features a woman traveling through nature, encountering objects that are seemingly from her past. She assembles all of them together on a fire, burning them and staring into them. It's the kind of catharsis this music was made for.

Get haunted by the video below, and pick up They Moved in Shadow All Together right here.