Syracuse-based grind-hardcore madmen Ed Gein haven't graced us with their trademark sonic equivalent of human lampshades since 2011's raging Bad Luck, but another chainsaw massacre is finally on the horizon in the form of brand new double 7" Smoked (due on Hex next week). It comes in a radical hand-screened package and offers five new throat-slitters, including "Tarrare," which premieres exclusively on CLRVYNT below.

Let's give them a pass for the extended absence, though. Drummer Jesse Daino co-owns Recess Coffee, and guitarist Graham Reynolds is the company's head roaster, so free time to decimate is a luxury. That said, the band will be tearing up this year's two-day hometown Hex Fest as the December 31 headliner. Check the flyer for that must-attend below, the cover art for Smoked and, of course, the ripping "Tarrare."

ed gein smoked cover
hex fest flyer