Tools of My Purpose goes hard. The new 12” by E-Saggila — solo project of Rita Mikhael, who co-runs Summer Isle Records — is beautiful, cacophonous and engaging. But considering both Mikhael's curation of Summer Isle and the output from Brooklyn’s maverick electronic label Bank Records — which is releasing the record — it was kind of a given that Tools would be a cut above most contemporary techno. On “Bronze Eyelids,” she begins with insect-like pulses before dropping into a more steady dance beat. There’s a transformative moment about a minute and a half into the track that occurs when Mikhael inserts a gentle synth line. It’s utter alchemy. Like the alchemist’s attempt to lighten and purify, the track metamorphosizes from a heavy dance jam  into something meditative and deeply profound, to which I’ve found myself returning frequently. Stream it below.

Tools of My Purpose is out physically on March 30 and digitally on April 30 from Bank Records.

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