Psych-rockers Dream Machine make the most of their moniker, transporting listeners into strangely beautiful soundscapes. The group is set to release their upcoming LP, The Illusion, May 19 on Castle Face Records, and today you can check out the video for new single "All for a Chance." The song is filled with cool, top to bottom, old-school synthesizers providing a satisfying top layer for the melody. Sing-along-ready vocals crest over the rhythm, making for a smooth song that doesn't waste any time getting to the fun.

Of the song, co-founder Matthew Melton says:

We noticed that people today are increasingly losing touch with reality, and that it was directly because of this sweeping obsession with smartphones and social media. That is why we oppose both and use neither. Facebook especially, and everyone constantly checking their mobile devices is making people increasingly narcissistic, judgmental, disharmonic and miserable. The other day, we saw a wife yelling at her husband in public holding up an iPad of another couple's Facebook page and saying, 'Why aren't we happy like they are!' They've even done studies that show how people are less satisfied in life since social media came to exist. 'All for a Chance' bears the warning: Turn back now before your mind gets completely warped!

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