Dead Heavens do a lot of things right. Their lineup — consisting of Walter Schreifels, Paul Kotsabi, Drew Thomas and Nathan Aguilar — boasts a pedigree of modern rock's most influential groups, including Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand, White Zombie, Cults and more. The band recently signed to Dine Alone Records, and today are dropping their first single on the label, "Away From the Speed." On first listen, you'd assume this is a band that's played together forever; the music offers a precise take on bluesy rock 'n' roll, never shying away from wicked solos or extended passages of reverb. Schreifels is in full frontman mode, his voice cool and confident, a breeze over the heavy riffing. It's a track that'll lodge itself into your brain and stay for a nice long time.

Hear the track below, and read our interview with Schreifels on his other band, Vanishing Life.