Jagjaguwar's latest signing is Dasher, a borderline apocalyptic indie-punk trio that takes notes from Sonic Youth, shoegaze, Scratch Acid and possibly even early / middle period Boris to create a their latest track, "Sodium." Remove all the slackerisms from Dirty and replace them with fury and heavily Big Muff Pi-ed instrumentation, and you might get the drift of where they're going here. Stoner post-punk, almost. Check it out above.

The track is second of two released from the now-Atlanta-based trio, the first being the more driving "We Know So," which has more in common with A Place to Bury Strangers and their full assault capabilities. Then again, in a recent press release, the band cites Japanese hardcore as an influence, so maybe they just love the middle ground between indie punk and Disclose. (That's a sentence I never thought I would write.)

Check out both tracks now, and look for the Sodium LP on July 14 via Jagjaguwar.