Dark Tea is the recently launched side project of Gary Canino, from Brooklyn post-punk quartet Rips. The trio plays a soft, atmospheric strain of folk à la Midlake — a far cry from the brash, scuzz-laden sound of Camino's main band. They're getting ready to put out a new self-titled EP next month, crafted with the assistance of some noteworthy peers; Woods' Jarvis Taveniere and Papercuts' Jason Quever mixed the record, while Jonny Schenke (PC Music, Parquet Courts) handled the master.

Following "Providence Sky," their previously shared collaboration with Portland singer-songwriter Alexandra Savior, Dark Tea have offered up "Another Line Crossed," another track set to appear on the new EP. It's a rootsy rock song with a jangly bite, as well as a mythological bent — the chorus shouts out Castor and Pollux, a pair of legendary twins featured in numerous Greek and Roman myths. Listen below.

Dark Tea's self-titled debut LP is out March 1. Pre-order it here.