All you need to know about Danava is they fucking shred. The Portland, Ore., four-piece has been kicking it since 2003, putting out albums filled with impressively kickass takes on rock 'n' roll and heavy metal of the Sabbath / Zeppelin variety. Today, they're premiering their new track "At Midnight You Die," a five-minute speeding bullet of riffs and fun. From the onset, the band is gunning it at 120 miles per hour, winking to the likes of Maiden and Priest without swerving into worship or corniness. The song slows down into a grandiose transition before shifting into a very sweet solo. If you're all about hard rock and having a good time, you'd be a dummy not to get down with Danava's tunes. Pre-order the red vinyl 7" here via Tee Pee; it's their first release since 2011.