Curved Light is the solo project of Peter Tran, an electronic musician who explores vast, lush soundscapes. He's set to release his new LP, Channelview, on Holodeck Records, and today he's premiering the album in its entirety. Tran's skill lies in creating songs with progressions you can't predict, forming a path that somehow always makes sense. On opener "Resincast," beats bounce and reflect off of themselves, generating ever-expanding textures. The prettiness of the song can be contrasted with the likes of "Ondes Erghen," which lets a beat switch up before dropping off to an unnerving bit of noise. "Obscured in the Glow / True Wave" exemplifies Tran's dichotomy, beginning as an airy, hopeful sort of track before eroding into total darkness. These soundscapes truly allow the listener to explore their own emotions in unexpected ways.

Hear Channelview below, and pre-order it from Holodeck.