You see, we like the Courtneys. So, while their new video for "Silver Velvet" was shot entirely backwards, we're NOT going to say it reminds us of Coldplay's "Scientist" video, but rather Bailter Space's "Splat" and the Pharcyde's "Drop." Those are better jams, and frankly, we wouldn't wish that comparison on anyone — except maybe Kid Rock. In sum, great video.

But who gives a shit about a great video unless the track is good? "Silver Velvet" most definitely is. The three-minute burner is a simple, '90s-influenced, alternative power-pop track that combines great clean vocals with riffs that stick in your head. Think of everything from the Pixies to Belly to Juliana Hatfield and you're in the ballpark.

Check it out above and get the Courtneys' II on February 17 via Flying Nun.