Look out, Royal Blood — there's a new sludge-rock duo coming to snatch your crown and rend it in two. Meet Consuumer — a grungy pair who make their fellow bifurcated Brits' racket sound like a mewling box of kittens. What they lack in personnel they make up for with a diverse lexicon of aural aggression; ever-eager to splash around in the muck and mire, the duo borrows equally from Melvins' toxic sludge-rock, the Stooges' desperate punk and Big Black's wily noise.

After honing their skills in the U.K., Consuumer are preparing to go global with their debut EP, Shattered Fruit, arriving January 13. "Radio" is but one of the album's feverish cuts —and it's premiering right here, right now. Listen below.

Oh, and Royal Blood? Watch your back.