It may sound like a rabid Cookie Monster's death wish, but the screamed opening line of Concealed Blade's "Euthanize Me" comes courtesy of one "Concealed Pilz," also known as Concealed Blade's frontman. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Boston-and-Pittsburgh-based hardcore crew (featuring members of Blood Pressure, Direct Control, Government Warning, Masakari and more), whose prominent use of off-kilter, wailing vocals — as well as some good ol' whammy bar — makes them stick out instantly from their more tentatively-throated peers.

After a handful of demos, the band is gearing up to release their debut LP next year. They've previewed a few songs on a recently released tour tape, but have yet to release anything concrete — until now. Consider the arrival of "Euthanize Me," Concealed Blade's new, morbid, one-minute marvel, a broad introduction (and in the case of die-hards, reintroduction) to the band's earnest, caterwauling hardcore, as well as a ticket to a must-see musical freak show. Listen below.

Concealed Blade's self-titled 12" is due out early next year via Beach Impediment. Download their tour tapes here.