Long-running German band Bohren & der Club of Gore have been refining their take on what they call "detective jazz" since their inception in the early '90s. Their work — which takes cues from downtempo and ambient, as well as jazz — evokes the tropes of classic noir film with a vividness akin to the music of Angelo Badalamenti. “Prowler,” a track from their 2000 record, Sunset Mission — their first to feature saxophonist Christoph Clöser — has received a new video. The short, directed by Mark Sikora, abstracts the filmic tropes evoked by the slow, crawling jazz ballad. The classic imagery of noir film — flowers, lipstick, water flowing from the muddy ground and a woman in a body bag — are compressed into montage, juxtaposed with cryptic, unidentifiable shots. The video is a murder mystery detached from linear narrative, like the fever dream of a detective.

Watch the video for “Prowler” above.