There's a silent violence to the new track by Bohren and Der Club of Gore. It's the kind of song that would soundtrack the moment when a killer stands over his victim as the life slowly fades from their eyes. But despite the morbid darkness, beauty and simplicity of the track, the band swears that the inspiration is much less sinister:

Dear friends of eventful videos,
BOHREN and Mark Sikora are glade [sic] and proud to announce a new video, 'Der Angler.'

It's about an angler, his net, his boat and, of course, about fishes.

Accompanying to this wonderful incident, we're proud to present you our new release, called 'BOHREN FOR BEGINNERS' - a double CD / digital.

Songs are all about individual interpretation, so we're sticking with the original idea. Sorry, Gorton's Fisherman.

The video has nothing to do with fishing, the high seas or yellow slickers, though. It feels more like a Rorschach test where inkblots have been replaced with flickering flames. Take some hallucinogens and watch the video, but make sure to hide all sharp objects first. Order your copy of Bohren for Beginners via iTunes, the perfect primer for the unfamiliar (and potential serial murderers).