Featuring Todd Youth (ex-Danzig), Joey Castillo and Nick Oliveri (both ex-Queens of the Stone Age), Bloodclot have hijacked frontman John Joseph's nickname to become a band of their own. Triathlete, nutrition advocate and audiobook kingpin Joseph is leading the charge, and the band will release the hardcore-tinged Up in Arms via Metal Blade in the spring. The first track to be revealed is the title track from their forthcoming LP. It's pretty much what you'd expect from JJ and crew, but with a particularly political bent. Says the vocalist:

'Up in Arms' is a call to arms for the people of America and across the globe who are sick of the lies, death and destruction of innocent people being caused by the military industrial complex who run governments and propagate unjust wars in order to fill the bank accounts of corrupt businessmen.

Check out the new track below.