Next Friday (March 3), Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power will release World Eater, his newest album as Blanck Mass. The album's title is a callback to "the inner beast inside human beings that, when grouped en masse, stops us from moving forward towards good," Power said in a press release, further framing the release as a work that aims to "capture an anger and intensity through a progression of hissing electronics and furious beats," interspersed with some "tender" love songs (take that descriptor with a grain of salt).

Power has let go of two of the LP's seven tracks in the weeks leading up to its release: the caustic, glitched-out "Please" and the slightly more floor-friendly "Silent Treatment." Today, he's made the album available to stream in its entirety. Listen below via NPR.

World Eater is out March 3 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.