Beach Fossils are gearing up to release their new album, Somersault, this summer. After sharing "This Year" last month, the band has let go of another LP cut, "Saint Ivy." It’s a crisp, ornate slice of baroque pop, festooned with piano, strings and jazzy flutes — a huge step up from Beach Fossils’ typical axe-heavy m.o. The track is accompanied by a video that pays homage to New York City artists of all stripes, be they dancers (the troupe featured in the clip came up through the NYC school system, according to a press release), drag queens or even the band themselves (who are also based out of the Big Apple). Watch below, and read on for a statement from the band regarding the new clip.

“In uncertain times, we turn to New York City as a reassuring look into the true diversity of this country. We set out to create a vision of NYC that demonstrates a more honest and nuanced understanding of what it means to live here. This video represents the less visible places and characters that exist in beautiful harmony, both in this city and in America.”