If you've found yourself wandering through the infinite void of the internet and somehow wound up on this page, please take this one piece of info with you on your travels: Guitars are fucking sweet. When a riff is crafted for maximum coolness / catchiness, it'll stick with your for a while. Axis: Sova are definitely capable of cranking out the most solid examples of the form.

This is the project of Brett Sova, who becomes something of an unwieldy guitar lord of psych-rock when he plays as Axis: Sova. The holiness shines in new song "(Like an) Intruder," off his upcoming record Motor Earth on Ty Segall's God? Records. "Intruder" is a tasty sampler platter of what Sova can do with six strings. Wispy guitar solos spin out into space, noisy chords continuously move forward in tone and the intensity is on point. It's a good indication of Motor Earth being a bona fide jam, reminding you that there's nothing wrong with the classics.

Hear "(Like an) Intruder" below, and pre-order Motor Earth here.