Apologies to Mark Zuckerberg: When it comes to keeping in lockstep with the tell-all traditions of modern society, Ash Borer couldn't care less about you or your stupid Facebook. The California crew lacks any sort of digital footprint, not even names —all they've got is their mysterious reputation, their extensive background in the underground black metal community (vocalist / guitarist K, also of Vanum and Predatory Light, runs Psychic Violence Records, while bassist / vocalist R runs the Cascadian-rooted label Vrasubatlat), and, of course, that sublime, leaden racket. Talk is cheap when you're one of the most progressive, sophisticated bands in the current scene, after all.

This Friday (December 2), Ash Borer will release The Irrepassable Gate, the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's Bloodlands EP. As its title suggests, the eight-track LP marks a crossing of the threshold for Ash Borer — R joins K at the mic, lending additional gravitas to a six-track epic already surging with expansive, cinematic energy. Stream it below (via Noisey). "Irrepassable" isn't a word, but who cares? The album's awesome.

Ash Borer will release The Irrepassable Gate on December 2 via Profound Lore. Pre-order it here.