6131 Records has a pretty great track record for introducing people to who's up next in the world of indie rock, delivering early releases from the likes of Touche Amore, Rotting Out, Julien Baker, Culture Abuse and more. Today, they've blessed us with two new premieres of the best up-and-coming artists from Glasgow: Codist and American Clay.

Codist play a cool kind of indie rock, twinges and hums of emo surging under the hood. In "Perhap," guitars and bass hum along before eventually twanging at full force. The song swings around in its verses, hints of other styles and genres bursting under the seams of all-around excellent, effective guitar rock.

american clay
Courtesy of American Clay

American Clay are all about maximalism. From the onset of "Points," you're hit with a sweeping guitar that strikes a perfect shoegaze-y tone, which gets turned up even louder. The guitar melts into its verse before bubbling back up again, making for a fun and delicious rock jaunt. It's perfectly wistful and sweet, a sign of great things to come.

Look out for Codist's Porcelain Boy and American Clay's Sky Hooks, coming March 24 on 6131 (North America) and LP Records (U.K. and EU)