Just in time for Record Store Day, here's a release that you can actually look forward to, as opposed to the sea of picture discs, Ghostbusters soundtrack reissues, and Toto "Africa" 12" singlesChunklet returns with a new spilt 7", and both sides are whoppers. Side A features the insanely prolific Honey Radar delivering a jangly, lo-fi indie burner with nods to Guided by Voices guaranteed to plant a seed in your ear. So, basically, a pitch down the middle of what they usually write.

The flip is where it gets interesting, though, with the debut of Air Sea Dolphin, a new project featuring Robert Schneider of the beloved Apples in Stereo alongside James Huggins of Elf Power / Of Montreal and others. "Exploding" kicks off with a falsetto hook propelled by a sample of the kitschy electronic favorite "Da Da Da," before laying into an effects-punctuated indie groove. It's pure pop of the classic order — really fun, really melodic and just weird enough that it definitely fits in the larger Elephant 6 universe. Stream it below for the first time.

To make things even more interesting-er, the track is ALSO the subject of a new video game, playable now. No bullshit. Check it out and pick up YOUR copy at participating Record Store Day retailers.