Agent blå are a post-punk band out of Gothenburg, Sweden that play beyond their years. Despite being a quintet of teenagers, the band is adept at subtlety and intricate melodies. They're set to release their self-titled debut record this June, and today you can hear new song "Derogatory Embrace." The track excels by throwing you into a fever pitch almost immediately; the soft, swirling guitars give glimmers of post-rock-level grandeur, but in a pop context. Things halt for the arresting voice of singer Emilie Alatalo, letting the intensity simmer. The band considers themselves "death pop," and it's an accurate depiction of their melancholy feelings intermingling with undeniable catchiness — a deadly combination.

Hear "Derogatory Embrace" below, and pre-order their self-titled LP on their U.S. and European Bandcamps.