Absolution are not prolific. That doesn't matter too much, as they were able to make a name for themselves on one of the most legendary live shows around, not to mention a lyrical level few contemporaries were able to match. Today, the NYHC heroes are premiering Juxtaposition, an EP recorded back in 2011 and their second 7" to date. And you can tell they haven't been slacking. Opener "As We Were" is the mission statement of a lifetime, vocalist Djinji Brown as furious as ever. The guitar work is equally as possessed, with Gavin Van Vlack (also of Burn) loading up the riffing hard and fast. In addition to the three new tracks, the band has also thrown on a re-recorded and newly mastered version of their old cut, "Never Ending Game." This is a nailbomb of a release, its self-reflection and energy much-needed and relevant today.

Hear the entire EP below, and pre-order the 7" from Wardance.