For devoted listeners — and maybe even the band themselves — there was a lot of uncertainty about where A Lot Like Birds would go after the departure of Kurt Travis. But his exit allowed Cory Lockwood to step up to the plate as frontman and take the necessary steps toward forging the band's new direction. Thus, we have ALLB's new record, DIVISI. 

After a moody, somewhat bizarre intro in "Always Burning, Always Dark," the record snaps itself open to reveal impressively melodic songwriting. On "Atoms in Evening," Lockwood's voice flows easily alongside guitars that weave a pristine hook. "No Attention for Solved Puzzles" showcases the band's intricate guitar work, constantly building melody while Lockwood unleashes the full power of his voice — to say nothing of a horn section that adds a considerable amount of flair. First single "The Sound of Us" nails an excellent hook and is a model exemplar of post-hardcore on the poppier, emotive side. The band is carrying an assortment of tools and tricks on this record, and despite personnel changes, they carry it all with a total confidence.

Hear A Lot Like Birds' DIVISI below, and pre-order it from Equal Vision.