Water beads are rad. Aside from being orgasmically squishy (ever felt them between your toes?), these gel pellets o' magic serve many useful purposes: potting plants, providing water to pet bugs (or any other critter who might drown in your standard bowl of H2O), controlling floods and, most importantly, playing a starring role in the new Zula video. The experimental pop outfit's new video for "Fuck This" — off their sophomore LP Grasshopper, released earlier this year — finds them immersed in the buggers, performing the song in a state of bliss. I'd be blissful, too, if I were floating in a sea of squish. Watch below.

"A year ago my friend introduced me to water beads," Zula's Nate Terepka tells CLRVYNT. "They’re these little pellets the size of sprinkles, made of a super absorbent polymer, that expand to the size and texture of the tapioca balls in bubble tea when submerged in water. The feeling of slipping into the beads is intensely sensual. It’s impossible to keep composure and not succumb to the all-encompassing tactile pleasure."

Zula released their Grasshopper LP this August via Inflated.