Tampa emo crew You Blew It! released their great new album Abendrot last fall. Today, they've shared a video for "Arrowhead," the LP's epic latter-half highlight. Directed by Josh Coll (who previously directed videos for his own band, Missouri outfit Foxing) and filmed in Philadelphia, the visually stunning video tells the story of a literal flower girl — a young woman with buds growing out of her head that have yet to blossom. Along come two girls whose noggins are covered with fully-formed dandelions: a pair of bullies in full bloom. They proceed to give her hell, until our heroine finally comes into her own as a complete botanical being. The flowers bloom, and the tables turn.

Discussing the new video with Uproxx today, You Blew It! frontman Tanner Jones framed the “Arrowhead” video as an allegory for self-love. "I think it’s just essentially acceptance and fitting into one’s own skin," he said,  "and finding out who you are without seeing it from the perspective of someone else.” Watch below.

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Abendrot is out now via Triple Crown Records. Get it here.