Don't let Brandon Setta's leaden proclivities fool you. When he's not melting minds with Nothing, the Philadelphia-based musician likes to retreat to his bedroom, where he becomes White Lighters. Active since 2014, the project is distinguished by a pillow-soft paradigm shift from his usual crunchy shoegaze to lo-fi dream-pop. Following last year's release dracula / crybaby — and this year's Nothing album, Tired of Tomorrow — Setta has sparked White Lighters yet again with a haunting, acoustic cover of Skeeter Davis' 1962 hit  "The End of the World." Choral and lush, the three-minute composition provides a soothing counterpart to Setta's 2016 output  so soothing, in fact, you probably wouldn't have known it was him were it not for his characteristic, wilting croon. Listen and download below.