While we question at least one-third of the theorem that sex is natural, fun and best when it's one-on-one, we know that intimacy is inexorably enmeshed with most of our favorite art. In today's Late Night Dedication, we test the carnal knowledge of Vomitface, whose new record, Hooray for Me, is a recontextualization of classic grunge and all your favorite '90s goodness without being obnoxious about it. Because all the members of the band are so dreamy — not to mention they've got the most romantic band name in the history of music — we asked them about romance and how to maintain successful relationships.

What was on the first mix you made for a crush?
Jesus was my first crush, so my mix included Xtian "white" or "unblack" metal hits by Horde, Lengsel and Crimson Moonlight.

What albums can you not listen to because of a breakup?
We can't listen to any of the Vomitface records, because we hate Jared [Micah, vocalist] so much. Every memory of the band is marred by that shitty asshole. His stupid voice on those songs are like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Thoughts on PDA at a gig?
PDA is fine, but only if you just met and the act is absent of any sentimentality or real affection.

Is music during sex corny?
Yes, Korn's music is sexy. Especially the first album. "A.D.I.D.A.S." was a little too on the nose, though.

Does going to a show constitute a date?
No, have more self-respect. Don't accept anything less than three courses when someone asks you out. Unless it's Taco Bell. Then you know they [got] you.

What musician would you want to make out with most (dead or alive)?
Anyone in a turtleneck: Dave Grohl in "Monkey Wrench" and [Nirvana's] MTV Unplugged [in New York]; David Bowie in "I'm Afraid of Americans"; Sinead O'Connor in "Nothing Compares 2 U" ... but not that Banana Republic shit Drake wears in "Hotline Bling." Special shout-out to the mock turtleneck in Michael Jackson's "Scream."

Does music taste matter in a relationship?
Taste is really the only thing that matters in a relationship.  Especially in what you dislike.  Liking the same things makes it a good date; hating the same things makes it forever.

Would you ever date someone that was a fan of your band?
What the fuck kind of narcissist do you think I am? Are you fucking serious?

Of course I would date a fan.

Have you ever cried while listening to a song? If so, what was the last time?
I cry uncontrollably just walking down the street, so it's hard to tell if a song has elicited the tears or the fact [that] God takes a daily shit on my face.

Have you ever had to talk to somebody about a song you’ve written about them?People have come up to me and asked if something I wrote was about them and what the fuck did I mean by that, and fuck me, the song sucks. I wouldn't call it a "talk" as much as an unsolicited accusation followed by violence. Needless to say, they weren't happy. 

What musician knows the most about love?
Steve [Albini] and the gang in Shellac really hit the nail on the head with 1000 Hurts, especially with "Prayer to God." If any song sums up the emotion and consequence of loving someone, it's that gem.

Do you like love songs or hate songs more?
You tell me. What's a better song: "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer or "Fuck Tha Police" by N.W.A.? "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond or "Unhappy Birthday" by the Smiths? "Is This Love?" by Whitesnake or "Fuck You" by Wesley Willis? That's what I thought.

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