There's no rest for Uniform: Just over a month after releasing their Ghosthouse 12", Uniform — the industrial duo of Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg — have announced their sophomore album. The eight-track effort is called Wake in Fright, and it's due out on January 20 via Sacred Bones. As always, the duo proudly displays their deep love of horror on their sleeves (or more accurately, in their soundscapes), drawing upon everything from action movies to gloomy field recordings as part of a broader exploration of what Berdan calls "psychic transition."

"The distress that these songs attempt to illustrate comes from a place of stagnation and monotony," he adds in a press release. "This is what happens when old ways of thinking become exhausted and old ways of coping prove ineffective. Something must change or it will break." His Uniform partner went on to detail Wake in Fright in terms of today's trying times — appropriate commentary, considering that it hits shelves on the same day that Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

"We are surrounded by war, and the whole world is burning, and it doesn't seem like there are any appropriate reactions or responses left anymore," Greenberg says via press release. "This music is our response to and our reflection of the overwhelming violence, chaos, hate and destruction that confronts us and everyone else in the world every day of our lives. When we play, I don't feel powerless anymore. I hope this record can help others transcend their anger and frustration."

Let the catharsis begin. Stream their salacious, spooky new track, "Tabloid," below. Then scroll down to check out the album artwork and track list.

Wake in Fright is out January 20 via Sacred Bones. Pre-order it here.


1. "Tabloid"
2. "Habit"
3. "The Lost"
4. "The Light at the End (Cause)"
5. "Bootlicker"
6. "Night of Fear"
7. "The Light at the End (Effect)"