Just in time for Halloween, Michael Berdan and Ben Greenberg have cut the ribbon on Uniform's highly anticipated 12”: a fury-laden witches’ brew of hardcore-tinged EBM. We’ve already heard the title track from off the duo’s first effort for Sacred Bones, which precedes a full-length slated to be released early next year. Now, the gents have let go of another song from the LP: a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe,” clocking in at nearly six bowel-shaking minutes.

Lest we kid ourselves into perceiving Ozzy’s yelps about “summer skies of love” on the original version as an indicator of calm, Berdan and Greenberg double down on their usual bleakness, transmogrifying the song’s stoner-rock blueprint into an industrial assault machine by way of some Ministry-esque alchemy. Don’t worry — the legendary, head-spinning solo in the song’s second half is very much alive. Listen below.

Uniform's Ghosthouse 12" is out today on Sacred Bones. Get it here.

Here's the original: