Despite Pelican still kicking around and even releasing a new live LP, founding guitarist Trevor de Brauw is readying a solo effort for the Flenser. Granted, de Brauw has been cranking out material as part of Chord, Tusk and, most recently, RLYR, but now comes his first venture under his own name. The LP, called Uptown and undoubtedly named after the Chicagoan's favorite region for rap in NYC (OK, probably not on that last part) (still, Dipset all day), will hit on February 10 of next year, and features the first new track out of the gates, "They Keep Bowing." The drone-y ambient track is punched up by singular guitar riffs over top, coming off as powerful, yet beautifully pensive. It's the sort of thing that would have been perfect in the final scene in Heat if they didn't go with that guy who said he was in Flipper, but only actually owned a tea house.