Welcome to Tobacco World: a hidden skaters' paradise where the grind rails are abundant, slime and Slurpees flow freely, and the cops are always watching — and yet, they can’t do a damn thing. In order to visit, you'll need a passport. Fortunately, Thomas Fec is willing to send us all on our way with the video for “Dimensional Hum,” off this year’s Sweatbox Dynasty.

Directed by Abe Dubin of the rising skateboarding collective Fancy Lad, the “Dimensional Hum” clip offers a low-res look at a day in Tobacco World, as experienced by the almighty Orange Man (otherwise known as Dubin). In addition to donning a silvery wig and skating through the streets, he pogoes in front of a befuddled police officer; later, he sleds down stairs in a crate and nabs a Slurpee from 7-Eleven, only to pour it on his head seconds later. Just another day. Watch below.

Tobacco released Sweatbox Dynasty via Ghostly International earlier this year.