Tenement's double LP, Predatory Headlights, was not only one of the best releases of 2015 — it was so densely packed with hooky songwriting that it was hard to unpack just how great it was for months and months after. Power-pop is the Wisconsin band's vehicle, and their new video for "Hive of Hives" highlights their uncanny ability to nail a catchy jam.

The video for "Hive of Hives" features a band of roving women out to collect boys' tears to help fuel their spaceship to Yonica. So, you know, pretty standard, run-of-the-mill subject matter. Starting with an assault on a beer pong table, the video is every bit as fun as the song is — which is to say a fuckload.

Order Predatory Headlights via Don Giovanni — you'll be listening to it for the next six months. The band released the singles collection Bruised Music, Vol. 2 earlier this year via Grave Mistake.