Bay Area garage-punks Street Eaters are back with The Envoy, their first new album in three years. Arriving May 5 via reputable Bay Area noise label Nervous Intent, the duo's follow-up to 2014's Blood::Muscles::Bones is mired in fictional fantasy (namely, the work of feminist dystopian sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin). Watch the stop-motion visual for their riotous new single "Witch" below, accompanied by a rundown of the track and video from vocalist Megan March.

The Envoy is out May 5 via Nervous Intent. Pre-order it here.

The lyrics for the song 'Witch' are based on a quote from the speculative fiction / sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin about the potential for women to be volcanoes; rather than just trying to assimilate or adapt to the fucked-up patriarchal norms in society, we should try to destroy and then recreate the landscape itself. The video is a radical femme send-up of the Peter Gabriel video for 'Sledgehammer,' and even though the lyrics are totally '80s corny cis / hetero male sex, etc., I think the visual ideas are really interesting. We slowed the song down to 1/10th speed and I lip-synced to that while we shot one frame per second and did the actions live.