On their recent album, Everyone Else, Slothrust proved their worth as out-there rock stars. But did you know that the Boston trio — vocalist / guitarist Leah Wellbaum, in particular — has numerous other talents? Including, but not limited to:

  • Looking intriguing while sitting around in an empty room
  • Making scarves disappear
  • Juggling
  • Pulling off complex, Britney Spears-inspired choreography
  • Performing while tottering atop a gigantic rubber ball
  • Shooting hoops (sort of)
  • Hanging out at a playground without scaring small children

How do I know this? Because I watched the band's hilarious new video for "Rotten Pumpkin" — and you should, too, because it'll make you believe in magic. Check out the spectacle below, accompanied by Wellbaum's thoughts on the video (via Nylon).

Read our interview with Wellbaum.

Wellbaum on the "Rotten Pumpkin" video:

For this video, I wanted to do something that incorporated all three of us, and that showed all of us working together. I wanted it to be something fun and choreographed. I think it takes a certain amount of effort from where the musicians are to push them to dance, and I really wanted to do that. There’s a message in the song about being young, and feeling young, and feeling out of place, and trying to grapple with that type of desperation. And the main thing in the video is this big talent show that happens. We really go for it. We’re not mocking anything, we’re not being ironic — we’re doing a routine that we choreographed and that we’re excited for people to see.