Reactor 4 are a four-piece out of Richmond, Va., that specialize in unrelenting hardcore. As far as discography is concerned, they're spring chickens — 2014's three-track demo is the group's sole release since forming in 2013 — but the members of the quartet are all vets, with ties to some of the scene's most pivotal beatdown brigades (Fire & Ice, Friend or Foe, Break Away). Blame the crew's outside responsibilities for their inaugural LP's extensive creative gestation; their first full-length was recorded in 2015, mastered the following years, and has been waiting in the wings ever since.

That ends today, with the arrival of Reactor 4's eponymous 10-track debut, via Edgewood Records. To celebrate its release, the band has unveiled a video for one of its tracks, "Spider." Directed by Ian Hurdle and filmed in the band's Richmond stomping grounds, the clip offers a tour of the city's thriving hardcore scene, from Edgewood HQ to the dank underground venues where they've spent the bulk of their lives raging. Check it out below.

Reactor 4 is available now on CD via Edgewood Records. The release is limited to 100 discs, so act fast.