CLRVYNT and Loudwire descended on Austin this past weekend with one goal in mind: mass sonic destruction. After all, what better way to close out music’s biggest festival than with a free show featuring some of the best metal acts around? And so, on March 18, the Sunset Room turned into a temple of noise, with the help of Gibson, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Korg, Blackstar and Vox. It was a crazy evening, to say the least.

Ringworm were first up on the bill. The Cleveland crew delivered a pummeling set, with a focus on last year’s excellent album, Snake Church. A sludgy double-whammy soon ensued, as Fister and Thou squeezed in a pair of thunderous sets before their appearances at Austin Terror Fest later that evening.

And of course, there were the special guests. Grindcore icons Pig Destroyer flew in from the Northeast (the outfit’s only area appearance, as well as their first show of the year) to unleash their hyperspeed fury with a set spanning the entirety of their 20-year career, including a new song. Capping off the evening were Texan titans Power Trip, currently riding high on the heels of their stellar new album, Nightmare Logic. Riley Gale and company were at the top of their game, stirring up a mosh pit for the ages.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the show, have no fear: We’ve got just the thing for your FOMO. Steven Ruud was on hand to capture all the gritty, ear-piercing goodness on camera. Check out the gallery below, and thank you to all the bands, sponsors and fans who helped make the magic happen. We’d be nothing without you!